China IT Outsourcing Analysis

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China IT Outsourcing Analysis Essay
China is in the news again with concerns about experiencing being cyber- espionage programs ran there. The reports are placing concerns to many the United States companies that specialize in information technology. China’s reputation for security may have been marred by recent U.S. accusations of state-sponsored hacking (Michael Kan, IDG News Service, 2013). If the reputation of the country have been marred, companies should focus on making sure that there is no access or information provided for hackers to obtain and leak. There are so many companies concerned that their information would be compromised by the hackers from these plants located in China but will still conduct business with China to bring revenue to the country. With China’s plan to create substantial outsourcing industry, the extent of the security risks of working in the country (Thibodeau, Patrick; Vijayan, Jaikumar, 2013). China is a country that cannot be trusted concerning the IT industry.
Although China is one of the most leading countries in the industry of IT, Retail, and many other manufacturers, the country can lose its revenues it no other countries is willing to work with them because of the security risks they presented. There have been several reports from the White House that display the security risks companies can experience when doing business with China, but there are still businesses that take the risk just to have success in their business. to protect businesses in the United States, the government need to enforce more protection from the countries that present these security risk. The United States have been always known to go in partnership with other countries try to and increase the revenue for the country, but by doing so puts the country is a higher risk of information being leaked and used against them. According to (Thibodeau, Vijayan 2013), Jimit Arora, a VP at business consultancy Everest Group, puts the value of China's IT and business process outsourcing market today in the $4 billion to $5 billion range. When figuring in the revenue being brought to the IT industry in China, some would question if any under the table things are being done. to protect the companies in the United States, one way to secure data is providing the best practices, such as securing information with security passwords. Companies should look into other ways of bringing their company to back to surface when they have a downfall in production. One thing that United States does is lean on other companies for support on gaining more revenue, but spend more just to get the other