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Forward (Qianzhan) Intelligence Co., Ltd. - China's leading service provider for market segmentation research, IPO advisory and financial data, website is

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Market Segmentation Research Through in-depth analysis of much first-hand market research data, Forward does a comprehensive analysis of current industries' overall market capacity, market size, competitive landscape, market demand, features of import and export and marketing operations of key enterprises. Based on various industries’ envelopment histories and experience, Forward does forecast for the future development trends of the industry segments. Forward helps companies understand the industry's current development trends, market opportunities, in hope to make the right investment decisions and clear business directions.

IPO Listing Solutions Forward's integration consulting of IPO is based on detailed investigation of the client’s company. First we form a viable strategy plan, including the feasibility and the pros and cons analysis, listing-place choice, organization adjustment of the company, business planning. The planning is best prepared 2-3 years before listed. And then we discuss with customers and form a consensus. Therefore we combine intermediary institutions’ information and the knowledge of our own business from the beginning; then depend on the circumstances we provide and a full range of integrated solutions for the company's quick listing and increase the market value.

Exclusive Solutions for Market Listing Through macro to micro layers of analysis of the industry and product market, Forward uses PESTEL, industry life cycle, industry structure matrix, five forces model, business models and other scientific research models and methods, to provide customers with policy recommendations and strategies about whether to enter and how to enter relevant target market.

Industrial Park Planning Consulting Forward's planning of major industrial parks mainly helps customers arrange the park on the strategic level, and does analysis of overall, long-term, fundamental problems like the industrial park development, spatial layout, land development, investment, operation and management. Thus achieve a high degree balance of the industrial park, commercial services, living environment, and promote a healthy and sustainable development of urban or regional economy, effectively enhance the core competitiveness of the park.

Government Projects Research In order to assist local government agencies to go through the approval of the national industrial project planning applications, Forward Intelligence bases on good working relationship with the National Development and Reform