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No one can avoid being profoundly influenced by fast food. Since the fast food started pervasive in the 1970s, it changed a lot of our life habits and lifestyle. According to the United Sates Department of the Health and Human Services, the average weight of American increased significant by 10.9% from 2005 to 2012. Due to the fact that the negative effects of fast food detriment both individual and society, as a result, the controversy of whether we should be banned fast food or not in North America is risen. I harbor the perspective that fast food should not be banned in North America for the following reasons.
Fast food, as its name implies, is usually quick to prepare. When we making a sandwich or a hamburger, it is extremely simple compared to the traditional food which you take a slice of ham plus two pieces of bread and put them together. With the rapid rhythm of our society, fast food is seems playing a significant role in our daily life. It saves us a lot of time, so you can devote more time as well as the energy in your hustle work or study. Moreover, portable is also a superiority of fast food. You are able to take away in the fast food restaurant and you can eat everywhere you want.
Some exponents of banned the fast food may hold the view that the fast contains low nutrient and it is the main culprit of obesity, diabetics or other fatal diseases. However, not all the fast food is low nutrients and contains abundant calories and fat. Sometimes fast food has a lot of nutrients can be aptly exemplified in the Subway or Chinese cuisine fast food. The sandwich in the subway are very healthy because it uses the lean meat rather than fat meat, also it includes a variety of vegetables which is conducive to your health maintenance. In addition, the spring up numbers of Chinese fast food also provide us a healthy alternative of fast food. Chinese food always consists of the vegetables, nuts, seafood and other wholesome food. As a result, it is not sagacious to give a conclusion that all the fast food is harmful for our body.