China: People ' s Republic of China and Western Industrialization Essay

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1. Name two ways that China forced industrialization and modernization.

They were forced to believe that if they changed their religious believes and family system, modernization would help them to western industrialization but they kept ancient traditions. Due to this education was expanded and new hospitals were built among other things.

2. Describe two of the memories the survivors give of the horrible privations and starvation of the Great Leap Forward of 1958-1961.
They were forced to walk 17miles a day and nationalist troops where chasing them, the survivors also remembered it as a battle going on forever. They lost 30-40 thousand people who died along the way. They didn’t know where they were going or what they were going to do. They were tired together at least 6-7 men in a rope and were fed rice that was filled with sand. They were treated as if they were animals. 3. Why did China feel such a strong pressure to modernize and militarize so quickly? Where did these pressures come from and why such a threat to China’s future?

They were forced to believe they would have a better life and freedom if they joined the revolution as communist fighting the nationalist for power.

4. In terms of the cultural revolution 1965-1968 Mao wants to continue the transformation towards the New China and put the old ways to rest for good. What kind of violence did the Red Guards unleash in their reinvigoration of the revolution? How did they curb