China Shakes the World Book Summary Essay

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In China Shakes the World, James Kynge gives a history and explanation of the Chinese economy. Kynge started writing the book in 2004 and it was published in 2006. The book is like a biography, giving experiences around 1982 when Kynge was a student at the Shandong University. It gives a detailed explanation of economic activities by China in the regions of Germany, Italy, China, and even the United States Midwest. The book sarts with a still mill-Thyssen Krupp in Dortmund, Germany. The steel mill once employed nearly ten thousand people, but it was closed later. At first, it was one of Germany's largest steel mills. However, a Chinese steel company bought the mill and dismantled it, shipped
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One example is Mou Qizong, who emerged from jail in 1979 without a job. He started with alarm clocks company and made a reasonable profit. Later he became the China’s one of the best private entrepreneurs. In China, Guanxi is very important in business life. So those who have good connection with high officals have more opportunity to be more profitable than those who are not. China emaneted from nothing to the one of the largests economy in the worls, advancing in space, technology, culture and ideology. Yangtze encompass all of this improvemnts. The steel mill is an breath-taking example of this advancement. Chongqing is another great story to explain. Chongqing is a municipality in China, which was destroyed by japan during second world war. But now, it is in a revival process, a comprehenive construction is underway eclipsing the city. Most part of it is now a zone of high-glass and concrete office buildings, neon-lit shopping malls, and restaurants which have spicy dishes for which the city is famous. The easiest way to describe transformation under way in Chongqing is by comparing it with Chigaco in the 19. century. Chicago was a gateway to underdeveloped cities. It is close to the Michigan river and has a large amount of people. Likewise, Chongqing is at the confluenge of Yangtze and Jialing rivers. And, it has lots of population to work there. Chicago was known as the fastest groving city in the world, but in