China Southern Airline Market Analysis Essays

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1) Executive Summary
From this report, we will discover the marketing plan of the airlines company. Firstly, we will state the objective of the china airlines company, and how we analysis the internal & external environment of the company. Furthermore, we will find out the marketing objective and the possible marketing strategy available for china southern airlines.
Moreover, marketing mix and the extended marketing mix will be analyzed on china southern airlines. In the end, we will briefly show some of the budgeting to show that the company financial situation.

2) Mission statement and objective China Southern Airlines is committed to putting the customer first and dedicated to exceeding its customers’ expectations by offering
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While on July 16, 2008, China Southern Airlines was honored with the Five-Star Flight Safety Award by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the most prestigious award for safe flight operations in the Chinese aviation industries. | Weakness China Southern Airlines is not a low cost budget airline, as result; the cost of flight is much more expansive than other airlines. | Opportunities the opportunities for China Southern Airlines are increase of leisure times for Chinese people because China government was introduced ‘Golden Week’ policy that enable china people to have 5- day holiday each year. Therefore, Chinese people could have 114 days holidays including weekends. While the development of internet distribution may reduce the operation cost because the number of people using internet is increasing and people using internet to purchase flight ticket, and they may feel that is more convenience for them. | ThreatsThe threat for China Southern Airlines is stated above and under the Michael Porter 5 force section which are the threat of the surface transportation, telecommunication and the entry of the low cost budget airlines. |

3.3) Customer Analysis
China southern airlines have 3 segmentation which is first class, business class and economic class. Among this class, I will select the business class to analyze the customer prospective. China has a huge market on airlines industries due to population of