China's Environmental Woes Inspires Art

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Duggan, Jennifer. “China’s environmental woes inspires art.” The Guardian. Friday 15 August 2014. Web. 28 January 2015.

The article critiques on the relationship between environmental pollution in China and the art that the Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang created. Duggan’s article demonstrates powerfully on how the artist Cai Guoqiang interpret his understanding of the environmental issue in China. The article also mentioned that the beauty of ancient China. The article is really helpful to the exhibition essay because Cai has a similar understanding with Xu on the environmental issues in China.

Harrist, Robert E. Jr. “Background Stories: Xu Bing’s Art of Transformation.” In Reiko Tomii et al, Xu Bing, pp.33-43. London: Albion, 2011.

The article critiques the series of “Background Story” by Xu Bing. Through the article, the reader can get the sense of the “unscrolled” of the artwork. Robert’s article demonstrates powerfully on how Xu Bing used three-dimensional materials to create a two-dimensional traditional Chinese scroll painting. The article also mentioned about the specific “Background Story” in Berlin, which is somehow similar to the “Background Story” in Vancouver Art Gallery. Therefore, the article is basically about the artist Xu Bing and his specific artwork “Background Story,” but if there is more information on the connection between the art piece and the artist will be better.

Linduff, Katheryn M. “Modern China: Avant Garde Art.” University of Pittsburg. Web. 28 January 2015.
The article describes about the famous movement that influence the contemporary art and many contemporary artists, which is the “Avant-garde” movement. The article powerfully demonstrates how the members of “Avant-garde” movement declare their