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The Chinese automotive industry is one of the fastest growing and lucrative automotive markets. It has been proven to be very profitably but so far has not been recognized particularly for unique design practices.(1) Most Chinese domestic manufactures are known for knock-down kits that resemble import OEM products.
However like the developing countries in Asia before it such as Korea and Chinas design language is beginning to evolve.(2) General motors GM EN-V concepts are one of the first designs the joining venture between GM and SAIC have produced specifically for the market. It is a personal mobility vehicle that is networked into a system. They are powered by two in wheel electric motors, lithium ion batteries and capable of a range of up to 40 kilometers on a charge. The visually fluid design has ultra-compact dimensions of only 1.5 meters in length and weighs only 500kg. Perfect for the crowded environment that is the majority of Chinese cities. (Fig A)

(Fig A )

One of the newest trends in the market are global OEM companies not only opening manufacturing plants, but brand new state of the art research and development centers and design studios facilities. It is predicted that most research and development centers in Global OEM marketplaces are going to shrink while R&D in China is set to grow.(3)This is a very important step for those companies that wish to dominate the Chinese domestic market. By researching trends and learning what buyers of Chinese vehicles would like they can gain a stronger hold of the market.(4) It began with research and development partnerships with Chinas top automotive manufactures such as GM and SAIC, Daimler and Beijing Automotive and VW and FAW. Now Audi and Volkswagen have announced a brand new research and development centre in Beijing, in a joint venture with FAW. (4)A facility that will employ 300 R&D experts that will have excess to a prototype workshop, 3D development environments and vehicle test facilities. (Fig B)Most of the focus of this development is towards working on new engines, car bodies, electronics and batteries and will be actively tailoring their designs towards the Chinese market. (Fig B)

General Motors has also opened a brand new R&D facility in Shanghai that will employ up to 250 engineers, designers