Assess Occupational Competence In The Work Environment

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Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment

1) Be able to plan the assessment of occupational competence.

1.1) Plan assessment of occupational competence.

When I planned assessments for Blossom Yau and Nicole Sandberg I first made a student profile for both candidates to find out what prior experience they had and what they had achieved so far. I also looked into what units I would be assessing them for and why.

Once I had finished the student profile I then observed Blossom and Nicole’s performance in the salon. They were still using block heads at this stage. I observed Blossom conducting a blow dry and straightening. Nicole was conducting a set. From both these observations I timed them to see how long it took them to complete. I also watched to see if they used the correct tools and equipment and to identify what support and training each candidate needed.

After they had finished I examined the products of work to see the end results and what looks they had achieved on the block heads. I spoke to both candidates after this and gave them feedback of what I observed. I found giving feedback to Nicole was quite easy. I gave constructive feedback but making sure that it was positive.
When I was giving Blossom feedback I found it a bit harder, I think this is because Blossom was older than me and I was aware that she was more sensitive. I was trying to focus on the positives but found it hard at first to be constructive. I found this a great learning curve and after talking it through with Nina and Lorraine I felt more confident.

During the feedback with Nicole and Blossom I discussed with them what learning and support they needed. I arrange it for both of them to come to the salon I work at for work experience and so I could help them with the training I thought they needed to get up to qualification standard.

I also asked Nicole and Blossom after the feedback some knowledge questions to ensure that they understood what they were doing but also see how much knowledge they had of blow-drying and setting.

I looked at both Blossom and Nicole’s learner statements so I had an idea of how they felt they were progressing and also if they felt they needed any support in any areas.

From all this information I used this to help Blossom and Nicole with their training in the salon and helped prepare them for their formative assessments.

3.3 Follow procedures to maintain the confidentiality of assessment information.

I followed procedures set out by Eastleigh College and my salon Hair Talk to maintain the confidentiality of assessment information. I have complied with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 by ensuring all assessment plans, feedback records, reviews of progress are maintained, organised and stored safely.
When I Observed Nicole and Blossom I made note and then wrote up a report. These notes and report have been kept in my college folder. Only Lorraine has had access to my folder. When I am at college I have ensured that I have not left information about the candidates lying around. When I have filled in consultation sheets with assessors comments, I have photo copied them for my folder. My copy went straight in my folder, the other copy I returned to the candidate or handed into Nina Cann.

When I filled in assessment plans or reviews for Nicole or Blossom, I put these straight into my folder. When Nicole or Blossom were in the salon I carried on with this process of keeping any documents about the in a folder that only I had access to.

4) Be able to maintain legal and good practice requirements when assessing occupational competence.

4.1) Follow relevant policies, procedures and legislation for the assessment of occupational competence including those for health, safety and welfare.

The policies, procedures and legislation I followed when assessing Blossom and Nicole were:-

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Under this Act everyone in the