Chinese Exclusion Act Essay

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The Chinese Exclusion Act was created by the ‘Americans’ that were unhappy due to the migration of Chinese immigrants that flocked to California for the Gold Rush. When the Chinese first came over they were tolerated by the caucasians, however, when the gold ran out animosities towards them began to form. During the post-Civil War, economy went down and the anti-Chinese hostility became politicized by labor leader Denis Kearney and California Governor John Bigler, both blamed the Chinese for low pay levels. Although, there was resistance in the early 1850s with the idea of excluding the workers from immigration, because they provided tax revenue which helped fill the fiscal gap; soon financial situation improved and attempts to legislate Chinese exclusion became successful on the state level. This caused the rising issue for Chinese families to decide whether to stay here of leave

The impact this act had on
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The benchmark were progressively changed in regards to the people (race, gender, and class) could be admitted. Furthermore, the migrants patterns, documented alien’s communities, and phylogenetic ipseity were significantly affected; this drastically showed how becoming an American became more restricted. Concurrently, Chinese-exclusion procedures shaped immigration law during that time period; by believing that courts gave too much favor to the migrants, the Uncle Sam succeeded in cutting off the Chinese’s access to the courts and slowly moved the administration of laws solely to the Bureau of Immigration which was an agency operating free from court scrutiny. And by 1910 the enforcement of the exclusion laws had become centralized, systematic, and