Chinese Government Challenge: Tobacco Regulation and Compliance Essay

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Smoking is a habit that has a detrimental effect on a persons health. A cigarette contains chemicals that are injurious to health and causes cancer. They contain a chemical called nicotine that causes addiction and hence people find it difficult to quit smoking; furthermore, it also creates a environment that harms non smokers. In fact, people who inhale smoke may also get cancer and are known as passive smokers. Many organizations have started implementing bans on smoking, so that they can safeguard the health of their employees; moreover, countries have also started implementing bans on smoking in public places in order to curb this menace.

China is the most populous country in the world and has around 300 million smokers according to an article written by Benjamin Haas(LA Times,2011). Similarly, many young students in the USA are also addicted to smoking(Amy Rigby, 2010). Many people in China are not aware that smoking has an adverse effect on their health. Consequently, the Chinese government has implemented a ban on smoking so that it would shrink the number of people who smoke. A few days before the ban was supposed to be implemented Benjamin Haas (LA Times,2011) interviewed some Chinese nationals regarding the ban, many felt that the ban would affect business establishments since most of the customers who visited these places smoked. Likewise, Amy Rigby(abc News, 2010) interviewed some students before the ban was implemented at University of Florida, one graduate who works at the university felt that the ban on smoking intruded the personal interest of a person. Benjamin Haas (LA Times,2011) mentions in his article that Chinese establishments that did not obey this ban would be fined around 4600 $.Like in China, University of Florida students or employees would also be fined around 100 to 500 $ if they smoked within the University premises.(Amy Rigby, abc news,2010). According to Benjamin Haas (LA Times,2011), China has been taking serious steps in order to curb the menace of smoking. For instance, in 2008 Chinese government dismissed one of their directors' of a government establishment as he was seen carrying an expensive cigarette packet that could have burnt a hole in the expenses provided by the government. Similar to China, A US college named