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Chinese Immigration : Searching for the Gold mountain
Gold in the U.S.
In the 1840s, the news went around the world that there was gold in California and people were making a fortune of it.
1. China could not resist this movement and wanted to take part
2. Word of a mountain of gold across the ocean arrived in Hong Kong in 1849
B. The Chinese migrating
1. By 1851, 25,000 Chinese immigrants had left their homes and moved to California
II. The Chinese and emigration A. The Chinese had never been strangers to emigration. 1. For a long time Chinese travelers had gone around the world and made new homes for themselves in far away places. 2. Colonies of Chinese merchants, bankers, miners, and artists established themselves in countries from Polynesia to Peru, bringing their families with them and building thriving communities.

III. The Chinese Immigrants in California A. When the Chinese immigrants got to California they saw that the gold mountain they dreamed of was a myth. 1. There was not much work many could barely earn enough to eat soon discovered that they were cut off from their families. With no source of money, the immigrants could not pay for their wives and children to make the long voyage from China, and could not go back home themselves.
2. They were left in a country far away from home and where they were not accepted.After looking at facebook and twitter stasuses for thirty minutes I am starting to notice things about people I know that I didn't notice before because usually I never read every status. People tend to write almost everything that happens on a daily basis and they want everybody to know. This is starting to make me think. Why do people feel the need to get their business out there . Some people do it every minute it is starting to make me think that people are more social on the internet then they are in real life now a days. I also started to notice that people act way different then they do in real life as if this facebook or twitter profile is a new persona for them. These social networks are effecting people drastically. When I get on the metro bus 4 out of 5