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Reasons behind Chinese Manufacturing Dominance – Factors Favoring resurgence of USA

By Sanjay Reddy Amdalayapaddu

U.S Manufacturing Industry has been On the Decline since the Year 2000, The Country which was expected to lead the world in the New Millennium, lost its Charm in the Manufacturing Sector. This Period was no way near the 2008 Economic Depression, but what Happened was New Ways to manufacture Goods Attracted the American Big Shots. The Cheap Labor Costs, Availability of Raw Materials made the Companies Choose a New base in the name of China.

It really shocked me; The Fact that USA lost 33.8 % Jobs in its Manufacturing Sector Compared to the 30 % Job Loss in the Great Economic Depression of 1930. Loss of Manufacturing Jobs can be a Good Indicator of a Country’s Progress, but in the case of USA its Takes a Shift, Apple one of the Greatest Designs of the Century gets Manufactured in Asia. One More Classic Example of the Pitiful State of US Manufacturing is “We had a storehouse of knowledge and skill built up in these workers and we can’t use it now,” says James Jordan, president of the Interstate Maglev Project, promoting a high-speed rail technology that uses special magnets to levitate and propel trains.

Maglev was invented in the United States, but equipment based on that technology is manufactured and used today in Japan. This Show that The Capitalistic Government has lost in the Search of Profits and is Neglecting the Land on which it Stands. The United States produces more food than ever, but because farming has become so efficient, But the Share of US workers Involved is small. The report states, "In fact, in January 2012 there were more unemployed Americans (12.8 million) than there were Americans who worked in manufacturing (just under 12 million)."

The Reasons which lead to the Heavy US dependency on China and Other Asian Countries is Known to an Extent, What is Unknown to me and to Most of the Americans is the Reason behind China’s Success. I would like to research on the Factors that lead to China Manufacturing Majority of the American Requirements.

The Dark Knight Rises, Even I believe in that, But I need some Support to State to the World that USA will come back to Lead the World’s Manufacturing Stage, I would like to Find out or Read more about Reasons which can get the USA back to Manufacturing Glory, Role of US Citizens in this Process would be an Interesting Issue to Dwell Upon, I am looking forward to Write an Interesting paper on these Issues.
Reasons behind Chinese Manufacturing Dominance
China it’s a well-known statement “God made men, The Rest is made in china”, Communism Deeply Rooted in its Soul, Hard work as it’s only Weapon, with a 160 Billion Population to feed, a Hope for a Better Economy were some of the Inspirations to China when it made a Decision to Enter the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the year 2001.In this Journey which recently made China a Super Power Involved many things which the World does not know, The Sacrifices made, the Discipline, Careful Use of Resources are some of the Factors which Helped China reach the Pinnacle.
Work Force, China has a Very Strong Work Force, a Huge Population which if Trained properly can manufacture anything. China has to manufacture many things internally to feed its Local Population; Depending on Exports would have led to Chinese Bankruptcy. I remember my father mentioning the following Statement many a time “Americans Work Hard 5 days a Week and Enjoy the Weekend, the Chinese simply don’t Care”. Hard work became an Integral Part of the Chinese Culture; they had to Work Initially to Survive and Later Nature Blessed them with Prosperity.

I Understood a Bit More about the Secret of the Chinese Success, if you want to Produce Mangoes, You need to Grow a Mango Tree, to