Chinese New Year and Nursery Essay

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Assignment 005
Task A
You have been asked to plan for the care and learning of three children from a family new to your child care setting. An initial meeting has been been arranged for them to look around and gain useful information about the services your child care environment provides. You are asked to prepare the infromation for the meeting. First decide what ages you want the three children to be based on your experience in your setting.
The three children are going to be aged between 0 - 4 as this is the age group that is based in my setting.
On arrival at the care setting the parents will be given an information pack relating to all policies and procedures.
Child protection is very important so that they know they will be enrolling into a safe nurturing environment for their children to grow up and develop in. This includes safeguarding their children's welfare whilst meeting their individual needs. All members of staff at the nursery will be able to put the policy into practice. Ensure the parents know that if there is any suspicious behaviour of abuse that it will be responded to promptly and apporopriately. The nursery also has a child protection policy which links into the arrangements with Area Wales Child Protection Services clearly stating staff responsibilities for the reporting of suspecting child abuse or neglect. The policy also includes procedures to be followed in the event of an allegation being made against a member of staff.
Secondly, I will explain to the parents about the Health and Safety we have set in the nursery as this plays a very important part in the nursery.
We ensure safety within the setting and on outings that we take proper precautions to prevent any accidents. Regular checks are carried out around the premises to ensure we meet the safety requirments. Any risks identified will be reported and will have immediate action taken. The kitchen will be out of bounds to children, all electric sockets hace socket covers and meet safety standards, radiators have guards in place and kept at a minimum temperature, al cleaning products are kept locked away, children that need a nap during the day are supplied with cots and adequate bedding, the garden is secured with a 6 foot fence and safety flooring is in place in the garden where grass isn't present CCTV is placed around the nursery and a code is on the front door so that a member of staff has to let any persons presnt inside the nursery and that all staff are aware of any allergies or medical conditions of each child. The nursery complys with all health and safety regulations and all staff have an understanding of this. All gas and electrical appliances are coveredand conform to the safety requirments. Their children will be supervised in the nursery at all times as no child is left unattended. All glass doors and windows at the nursery are fitted with safety glass and there is a clearly defined procedure for any emergency evacuation from the building. The building is also fully equipped with a full fire detection system. In any case of a fire all fire exits are kept cleared and there is fire extingushers etc. available at the nursery.
Safety, is another main key at the nursery. We try and promote a healthy lifestyle and high standard of hygiene in our day to day work place. There are set guidances for all the following, cleaning and clearing, food hygiene, food preperation, food as an activity, toileting, any illnesses, medication, outdoor play and smoking. All staff have read and agree to these terms to follow all points under the above headings.
Confidentiality is also a main issue at the nursery which I think is best explained to the parents so that they can gain the nursery trusts. The nursery will hold relevant records on all three children. The information needed will include name, address, DOB, sex, contact details, any ilnesses, etc.
All staff are aware of the need to maintain privacy and confidentiality