Philosophy Of Confucianism

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There have been many philosophical ideas that influenced the way the Chinese government worked. Chinese philosophers accepted the freedom of religion and believed that any religion should promote the idea of universal harmony. Religion should be used for spiritual richness of mankind, not for politics in any sense. Two philosophies, Confucianism and Daoism, provide ethical guides to proper behavior, like most religions did. Legalism was a strict code with a harsh government and strict penalties when rules are broken. Confucianism is the only idea that could possibly succeed in sustaining a democratic government in today’s society.
Confucianism has a focus on logic and learning, with 5 relationships of superiority and inferiority and one equal. Keeping things straight forward with little room for interpretation will help a society move forward and improve life. Everyone will know their places and no one will be able to fight it. The philosopher who developed Confucianism was Confucius and his goal with the five relationships is to teach who had authority. The relationships are between ruler and ruled, father and son, older brother and younger brother, husband and wife, and friend and friend, in all of these one has authority over the other. The superior must set an example for the inferior and is also responsible for the inferior, while the inferior respects and obeys the superior. This sets the line for people and the laws and punishments are fair, unless a superior is corrupt this idea could work.
Legalism has harsh laws with harsh punishments revolving around the belief that people are evil. People in today’s society know too much for this to work. They would be aware the laws were unfair and punishments unjust. If a ruler using these ideas was elected and put his belief in Han Feizi’s ideas to use he would not be elected again. Laws and punishments would be too harsh for a society who did not grow up with them. The idea of people being evil would not appeal to the people either. No one wants to believe they, or their neighbors and friends, are naturally evil. Ultimately this would not work because of the harsh ideals behind it; no one wants to be evil.
Daoism is the belief that people are naturally good so there are fewer rules and there is also a strong belief in nature. The idea of using nature as a