Chinese Philosophy Distinction Essay

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What to do for King's death:
-Ritual (Filial piety)
-Li: One of the five relationships= Father and son, should be reverential
-In order to practice Chun Tzu properly, one must put aside the struggle for the throne in order to mourn with competing brothers the death of the father
-Songs can help play a vital role in the regulation of moral order and the cultivation of virtue. "Wen"
What to do for brothers contending for the reigns of the kingdom:
Li: Another one of the five relationships: younger brother/older brother= should respect older brother. If you believe that one of the other brothers is more virutous than you, then you should allow him to take charge.
-However you must also respect the decision your father chose to make. Such is called respect for age, for age gives all things their worth. The father had been ruling for so long, because he was successful.
-Furthermore, you should not be straining the family relationships, even if you are the royal family, for the family is the basic unit of society.
-Either way, the person who will rule should have an understanding and practice "jen"- diligence, courtesy, unselfishness, empathy
What to do to neighboring kingdoms:
Be diplomatic to the opposing kingdom, and prove to the kingdom that supports you that such was a good decision.
-Rule with the principle of "te" in mind:The power of rule through moral example (leaders must be devoted to the common good and have a character that merits respect)
-Be benevolent and the people will be reverent

Lao Tzu:
King's death:
Bring attention to the Tao- unnameable force.
A man who wishes to live by the Tao must embrace everything that they call 'bad' along with everything they call 'good'; he advances in his willingness to be still, and grows in his willingness to shrink.
-In life there is death, and in death there is life, thus light and dark, big and small, is the same thing. These opposites are all part of the TAo and he who wishes to know the Tao must embrace the dark as well as the light.
Brothers contending for the reigns of the kingdom:
-If the brothers say that they know the true tao more than you, then they are lying because it is ineffable, and an all-pervasive thing.
-Proper solution is to dissolve the empire into village republics so that we can keep sacred the "autonomous inner energy of all things. He does not want human desires for possession to harness or hamper the fulfillment of those energies(Hence retraction not expansion of the human order, to free all beings".----> against hereditary roles.
-Why do we need to do this? Same reason as to why all rivers and streams flow into the sea, because the sea lies lower than them all.
-Similar to how:You can't stuff in a jar that's full, the emptiness of the jar is just as important as the shape of the jar. Our minds function similarly, for We're after this ineffable, all-pervasive thing. We need the extra space to even attempt to follow the way.
What to do neighboring kingdoms:
-Support and non-support are parts of a whole, just like light and dark. One cannot exist without the other, nor can one reign completely, for what is support worth when there is no need for it?
However, even more importantly, we should not communicate with people from afar, such as in the village example(dogs).
-You don't need a large kingdom, for a good orator can talk for hours, while a great orator says what he needs in ten words or less. So if we want to be smart, first we have to embrace our ignorance. If we want to be strong, first we have to embrace our weakness. If we want to move, first we have to learn to be still.
-In the end, Your and their judgments are meaningless; you can't, by judging things, make or unmake things; everything that is, is, and there's nothing you can do to change that. You can't…