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1. What is the current trend in China?
Current trend in China is web dating, speed dating and blind date activities. In recent years, people pressure from life and work also increased. They feel lonely and helpless. So people start looking for love, especially the single person or divorced people. Affected by the internet, web dating and speed dating is quietly emerged in the community. Also, the traditional blind date activities also rise after improvement and rapid in China. Nowadays, nearly half of the married people were dating from the network in China.
2. Evaluate the trend, explain whether you think it is good and provide your answers from the text.
The author keeps the positive attitude and the negative attitude about those two trends. The negative attitude portrays in the paragraph 3 and it is about the speed dating and web dating. The author wrote that the process of romantic love becomes short and fragile, and people don’t believe in romantic love vows and fleeting passion any more. The author wants to tell the audience that the web dating and speed dating are not real, it might hurt themselves in the second times and let the people are looking forward to the ordinary life.
The author has the positive attitude about the blind date activities because it is more professional than the web dating and speed dating. Blind date activities give people a communication platform. First people can browse blind date information on website, then people can initiate chat if they feel the other party is the right person. Also, it can bring many job opportunities because the author wrote that