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Miaodi Zhu
ENG 108
Dr Kim
Experience for Chinese students Nowadays, a lot Chinese students and immigrant in USA, the different culture and lifestyle between two countries make a lot of trouble to Chinese. I have been staying in USA since two years ago in Boston. In this essay, I want share myself experience and discuss some a lot of thing when you come America.
First of all, America is a different country between china and they have independent law, social system and cultural, on the other hand, America have the best law to protect the interest of people. A lot of Chinese students can not adapt and use the American law, so they make many mistakes. First, I will recommend some experience about studying. A lot of Chinese students can not adapt the style of American education here, If I don’t understand, you should ask teacher. Don’t be shy. Some Chinese people don’t like ask question. Then, you should go outside. Don’t always stay at home and play video game. On the other hand, you should try to talk with American. if you always stay with Chinese, you come here just for travel. And you English level can not be high. Almost all of American people is friendly and you can learn a lot of thing form them. The last, homework is very important, getting a high grade in final is not enough. In American, homework and any exam is the most important for do you best. Then I will recommend some experience about life. In Chinese, people who under 18-years-old can not drink, but in America people who under 21-years-old can not drink. Then, the textbook is very expensive, buying second-hand book is a good idea in America. Sometimes you can buy it in school book store, if not, you can find it in some website such as amazon and so on. On the other hand, you can sell you new book, if you buy a new one. However, living in university apartment is a big program for Chinese people. Chinese student always have a room, but in USA, sometimes students should share room with others. Chinese people have no idea how to share room with other people, so sometimes they will have trouble. The last one is about food. American have a different food style. Most of people in China are used to have rice and wheat as their daily main food resource. Meat is not the major food for us. Chinese people always believe that rice, wheat, vegetable, fruit are the best for our health. In contrast, meat would give more troubles to our health, for example, heart attack, high blood pressure, American people mostly have meat as their