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----SHUO MIAO 6. Identify three practices through which companies can better understand their customers’ needs.
Constantly collect customer expectations information;
1) Collect information to understand the needs of customers, through the research of dissatisfies, satisfiers exciters/delighters, to understand what is the customer needs, what kind of product can let them feel excited. For product innovation is based on this three direction of the market to do the survey research and development. For example, in china, KFC usually additional present the gift food in the set meal, through investigation for customers to understand whether the product has the market. And they will regularly be investigating consumers, to find what is the customer’s likes about the taste of food. Through food competition to examine the new product is or not popular with consumers, At the same time, let the consumer to participate in product sales decisions,Raising consumer enthusiasm, it is beneficial to the development of the consumer brand loyalty. As a result, in china, the taste of KFC and nature of the product conforms to the Chinese market, His sales is much higher than McDonald's.

(The picture is KFC in china, two kinds of chicken taste’s competition, the loser will be cancellation of project.)
At Amsterdam in the Netherlands have a cat furniture design company——Poopy cat office,In order to understand the cat behavior and observe the cat's response with the company product, Within the company with more than a dozen cat, when the product is postpartum, they will use in the cat at the first time and survey the reaction. This is the final consumer market research. (Although it is pet owners to buy the product,But if the pet have not a good research, Consumers will not choose this item again)

2) When the employees and executives involved in the process of market research can improve workers' technique and ability of learning(Let them as a consumer to think about the direction of the research is more meaningful).

Apple, The company employees work equipment is Apple's own products, this not only reduces the costs, Also implanted the work spirit of the company in the working hours,Let employees are proud of working in the apple, for the product innovation, staff itself is the consumer, Employees from a consumer's point of view to think about what do you want,This is helpful to research and development of product innovation along the right path.

3) Collect product information and customer comments on the Internet, can easy to do the creative product improvements,
About imprint analysis.
Thalmic Labs Inc. is a smart technology company, they through the internet to find a big market about sense of the Muscle motion sensor, developed a muscle wireless control electronics MYO Armband,through the internet use the cost price to sale at the global. Through the evaluation of customer feedback and the Internet evaluate (such as Facebook or technology forum) to modify and upgrade the function of the product, launch of the first generation product, have a high sales volume in the global.

16.How should an organization go about deciding who its customers are? Identify the customers of a university, a government agency, and a movie producer.
The organization's products or services are customer needed, so the organization's purpose is to satisfy people's needs. This means that when an organization hopes to sell a product or provide a service, Need this product or service’s buyer is this organization's customers.
About university, the role of school is to impart knowledge to students, Provide the high level of professional talents for the society, the school's revenue comes from students' tuition fees, collection of society and government. Student's tuition is the main source of income, so students are the main customer group.
So who will become to the students,,In order to find a job and want to learn professional knowledge of high