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When observing the popularity of Chipotles commercial on YouTube, it’s obvious the advertisement emotionally moved millions of people on the Internet. But what exactly was so special about the commercial that made it so popular? And what were Chipotles intentions when making this advertisement? I believe that Chipotle used certain emotional-pulls to appeal to the vegetarian audience and did this strictly to gain customers. Chipotle has two animated commercials. The first commercial was lower budget than the second one. This first one was also not nearly as popular as the second one. It is a clay-mation video that tells a heart-felt story towards the cruelty of animals in the food business. The story starts off by showing a farmer raise livestock on his farm. Eventually the farmer uses factory-like tactics on raising and slaughtering his livestock. The video shows the animated pigs being put inside a factory and coming out of the factory in the shape of a square. This symbolizes the inhumane treatment of animals in big corporations. After the famer observes the cruel treatment of the animals, he becomes sympathetic. He decides to go back to farming the natural way. He gets rid of the factories and puts the cattle, pigs, and chickens in pastors. Eventually Chipotles chili logo is shown. The commercial is slightly touching, but it makes me wonder.. Chipotle uses meat do they not? And if I am not mistaken, they are a growing corporation. They are not a small business anymore. The appeal to a vegan audience seems right. But are they advertising that way to do just that; advertise. (Lutz 2) Is Chipotle really concerned with quality of life that today’s livestock endures? In my opinion, Chipotle is clever and manipulative. They want you to feel like they are on your side, so they can gain you as a customer and make money. I believe if vegetarianism were not as popular today, Chipotle would not think to appeal to that audience. (Lutz 2) I believe they would appeal to whichever audience would give them more customers. Chipotles second commercial is even more heart-felt. With a bigger budget and a more popular company, they are capable of creating a beautiful commercial that is advertised strictly on YouTube! (Vinjamuri 3) The ad has impressive animation and music. It starts off telling the story of a scarecrow going to work. He is not happy though. He works in a large corporation. The company is called Crow Foods, and it is the only company that feeds the city! The factory is huge, and inside the video shows you how the chickens are getting injected with hormones (much like many factories do in real life today) and the cows are constantly milked by an uncomfortable steel milking machine inside a cramped area, where they are unable to stretch or even move. The scarecrow sees all of these cruel things happening to the animals inside the insensitive Crow Foods factory and feels sad (you see this by the sad expression on the scare crows face) He wants to help make a stop at the insensitive treatment. The video moves to the scarecrow hopping on a train, riding through the countryside. Out the window, the scare crow watches Crow Foods spray pesticides and other harmful chemicals all over the fields. His face saddens even more. He finally reaches his home in the countryside. He stares at his home, then at his garden. His