Chipotle Executive Summary

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Executive Summary

Chipotle opened its first store in 1993 and has seen astonishing growth and financial success since going public in 2006. Chipotle has been one of the industry’s leaders in serving and promoting sustainable food. Its high-quality natural food has given it a competitive advantage over competitors in a market that is increasingly becoming more conscious about what they eat. Chipotle has a mission of serving "Food with Integrity" to its customers. There are now over 1,400 Chipotle locations in 43 states, and the chain reportedly made a 25% profit margin on $2 billion in sales in 2011.

Chipotle started when Steven Ells graduated from University of Colorado. In 1993 with a $85,000 loan from his farther Ells launched the concept
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Chipotle brands its meats as naturally, or “Responsibly “raised, which entails treating animals humanely without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. Many of its other ingredients are organic and do not contain genetically modified organisms. Chipotle uses many different types of advertising strategies to make their company as successful as it …show more content…
They will post short clips of a cartoon video and make the audience have a comic response to the video. The next use is billboard ads which is used for cards who drive by. Chipotle goal is to make cars second look at their billboard and come in. Chipotle uses magazine ads and will take up about an entire page with a chipotle run quote such as “usually when you roll something this good it’s illegal. Those are the three advertising techniques that chipotle uses.

There are many opportunities for growth that chipotle could use to get bigger. Chipotle needs to keep their loyal customers loyal. Chipotle needs to try out some new techniques such as Facebook ads or google which is very popular in competitors to advertise their products. Using social media is a great advertising technique because a lot of people are constantly on their phones using social media. There are many other techniques that Chipotle could sue to grow from.

There are many factors that limit Chipotle success. Some of those include losing their loyal customers by not being original which their loyal original customers want them to stay. Chipotle needs to stay simple just like they have always been. Chipotle needs to ensure their customers that the food that they eat is not dangerous to their