Chipotle Essay

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Case 5-> Chipotle: The Challenges of Integrity
External Assessment a) General Environment
Due to the fact that Chipotle is worried about providing customers with the best possible ingredients and in the same time, concerned of taking care about environment, animals as well as farmers, which in this case, are the main suppliers, we can encapsulate Chipotle in a Sociocultural segment. Another point that reinforces this statement is related to their employees and the way they benefit them in many different ways because from the beginning, they become part of Chipotle by a trainee program and after that if they show that their store is running in a very positive way, they will promote making possible going up the ladder. They
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c) Competitive Environment
Panera Bread-> Chipotle´s main competitor. Company owned and franchise, has more number of restaurants and they invest more in marketing. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and their growth plan includes a catering service.
Qdoba Mexican Grill-> Operates as wholly owned subsidiary of Jack in the Box Company. They offer traditional Mexican food similar to Chipotle. They benefit from having lower corporate overhead.
Pei Wei-> Owned by P.F Chang´s China Bistro, Inc. Provide full-service offering and fast casual option. It adds Limited Time Offers, limited alcohol selection, take-out orders (40% of totals sales) they offer online ordering “for those customers that do not want to wait”. 1. Internal Assessment a) Resources * Human * Steve Ells, founder of Chipotle. * Managers promotion. * Employee benefits (positive effect on customers).

* Organizational * Brand recognition. * The first platinum certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental design. * International presence (Canada 2 and England 1). * Technological * Efficiency using back-of-the-house kitchen. * Financial * Money provided by loan and Father. * Steady growth and strong financial statements. * Stock price doubled in 2010.

b) Capabilities and Core Competencies * Operations (Business Model)
Satisfies consumer needs by mixing a fast-casual food at the same