Chirstian Life Essay

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Living a Christian Life Everyday

I think that living a Christian life everyday is about trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Being a good Christian is helping others get to heaven because that is everyone's lifelong dream. I think it would be easier to live a good Christian life if we didn't have all the temptations in life. I think part of being a good Christian is saying "no" to the things that bring out the worst of your personality. Having faith even when things are not going the way you want them to be going is the most difficult of all challenges in my opinion because when all else fails, God will be there for you no matter what. You constantly have to be reminded of that no matter how old, what race, what gender, etc. After all you can't be a CHRISTian without Christ!

I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to become a sacristan. It would deepen my relationship with God on so many levels. I got the opportunity to be sacristan last year as a sophomore because I was privileged enough to win this scholarship. I would like to receive this great honor again. I volunteered to be a sacristan last year but they did not need anymore help. I would be so thankful if I got to experience the joy of winning for a second year in a row. I truly believe that my relationship with God has improved since I have been volunteering at a nursing home everyday. My dream is to be a pediatric surgeon because I want to give people hope again and give them their life back. I would not have this dream if it wasn't for God because this is the calling I think he gave me. I pray to our Lord everyday about what he wants me to do to accomplish his will for me. After all you can not be a good…