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Solomon Godebo 1. In Edgewater, Florida, two inventors named Toney Morris and Kent Davey are working on a new technology which could change the future of transportation in this country. 2. According to the two men Edgewater will soon be known as the place where American’s first levitated.3.
“Maglev” train ns have long been dreamed about by transportation visionaries; however, only experimental prototypes are currently in use. 4. These trains glide like low-flying airplanes at speed of up to 300 mph, and are suspended an inch or more above the track. 5. The cars are lifted and propelled by forces of magnetism which attract or repel. 6. Although Maglev was first conceived by American scientists in the 1960s, it was all but ignored in this country. 7.
Germany and Japan have had experimental tracks for years, but Morris and Davey are the only inventors in this country who have been able to find funding for their project. 8. Right now, a two-mile test track is being built along an abandoned freight train line outside of Edgewater. 9.
The system which has been designed by these inventors should cost one-fifth of the systems which are being in Europe and Japan. 10. In addition, the trains are non-polluting quiet, and they could sail from downtown Atlanta to downtown Washington in about the time it would take to drive the airport, make the flight and drive to an in town destination at the other end.11. The inventors are convinced that they