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Anthony Heintz
Professor S. Ponder
English DE20
6 March 2014
Difficult To Save Money What are some of the things that get in the way of saving money? I believe that a lot of things can get in the way of saving money. I believe that one of the biggest issues with saving money is everyday living. Another big reason that it is hard to save money is when something unexpected happens. Another thing that can put a cramp in saving money is having a boyfriend or girlfriend. The biggest issue with saving money is everyday living. Everyday living is getting more expensive everyday with the economy getting worse. Everyday living is very expensive with gas prices on the rise. Everyone has to get to work or school which requires gas. Another cost of everyday living is bills. Whether you are older and have to pay a mortgage or younger and have to pay a cell phone bill it doesn’t matter what age you are, you will always have bills. Another cost of everyday living which everyone has to spend money on is food. Everyone has to eat whether it is going food shopping or eating out. Food is very expensive. Living is not cheap whether it is gas, food, or bills it will get you every time. The worst part about saving money is when it seems you put a little away, something unexpected happens. For example, I was driving home from picking up my brother the other night and I hit a pothole and popped two of my tires. Another unexpected event that can be very expensive is medical bills. Going to the doctor and having a copay or having to get a prescription can be costly. When something unexpected happens, it is usually not cheap, so the little bit you get to put away can be spent very quickly. Something else that can make