Chocolate Mountain Cookies Research Paper

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Chocolate Mountain Cookies

Chocolate Mountain Cookies are among the most delectable recipes for true chocolate connoisseurs. The beautiful marriage of a velvety chocolate cookie with luscious fudge frosting is a match made in cookie heaven. This recipe was the most requested school birthday treat in my family each year. I cannot recall where this recipe originated; however, it is one of our most well-known family recipes. Once a year, my siblings, our classmates and I eagerly anticipated these delicious cookies.

In preparation for your own enjoyment, you will need to gather your preference of mixing and baking tools. I prefer using my Kitchen Aid mixer. You can opt for a simple mixing bowl and spoon if you choose. You will also need measuring
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It is much easier to form the cookie dough into balls when the dough is fully chilled. After one hour, remove the chilled dough and refrain from the intense desire to consume the entire bowl of mouthwatering chocolate dough with a spoon. Next, drop rounded tablespoons of dough on greased cookie sheets. Bake in a 350-degree oven for 10-12 minutes.

Third, grab a medium saucepan to prepare the fudgy frosting. Take a bag of regular sized marshmallows and slice each one in half, horizontally, and set aside. Next, mix the following ingredients on medium heat: ½ cup of evaporated milk; 6 ounces of chocolate chips (our family’s preference has always been milk chocolate); and one regular sized bag of powdered sugar. Stir together until smooth and well combined. Keep frosting warm on low heat, in preparation for the finished cookies.

Finally, remove warm cookies from oven and place half of a previously cut marshmallow on top of each cookie. Allow them to cool for 10 to 15 minutes. Next, pour warm fudgy frosting over each cookie and add your choice of toppings. My family’s preference is rainbow sprinkles. As a child, I always anticipated that first warm, gooey bite with a tall glass of milk. Baking these cookies always evokes fond memories of my childhood. These cookies were a labor of love from my mother to her children. She enjoyed making them for us just as much as we appreciated receiving them. It is my hope that the popularity and