Choices: Educational Years and Poem Analysis Choices Essay

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Kendall Tipton
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Poem analysis
In life, people make numerous choices throughout their time on Earth. Even the simplest choice can make a big impact later on. Robert Frost tells about two paths he comes upon to in his poem “The Road Not Taken”. Frost looks back on his life and explains how the road he was going down forked and he chose “the road less traveled by” (19) which “has made all the difference” (20) in his life. He also mentions that he never looked back and regretted the path he picked to go down. In real life, people are forced to make life changing decisions and they either can be happy with their choice or regret it; it’s all about their thought of mind. In my own life, I have chosen the road “less traveled by” (19). I have been presented with unique opportunities and have always chose the path not that many people have wondered down. In the 5th grade I was exposed to a forked road: go to 6th grade the following year or skip 6th grade and go to 7th grade instead. I chose the path most students have not taken; I went to 7th grade and missed my 6th grade year. Many people tell me that 6th grade was their favorite year and that I should have gone, but I have never regretted my choice. Skipping 6th grade has opened up a lot more opportunities for me. Even more recently I have passed another forked road. Last year, I made a choice to go to EVIT for fashion design my sophomore and junior year. I know if I do well my whole life could change the