Cholesterol: Statin and Healthy Cholesterol Levels Essay

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After reading the four articles, Zetia appears to be the worst drug described. It seems to be a last resort attempt at lowering cholesterol rather than a top competitor. All four articles collide at the idea that Zetia doesn’t necessarily benefit patients. Although it appears to lower cholesterol, Zetia may also play a role in additional plaque formation. This can lead to an increased rate of heart attacks as well as other side effects of the drug. Statins on the other hand have been known to lower cholesterol by 35-60 percent; much more than Zetia. These Statins include Zocor and Lovastatin. Statins may also exhibit positive cardiovascular effects. Along with lowering cholesterol, Statins are also believed to reduce plaque buildup; reducing risk of heart attacks and strokes. Side effects of Statins include memory loss, diabetes, and muscle pain. As a result, patients should only take Statins if their total cholesterol is over 240. Zocor’s 80 mg dose had a major side effect of severe muscle disease. This leads to choosing other Statins that could accomplish the same cholesterol target at a lower dose. Lovastatin works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Lovastatin doses may result in the breakdown of skeletal tissue and failure of the kidney. Niacin was another beneficial drug in reducing cholesterol as well as plaque buildup. Niacin works differently in that it boosts HDL rather than lowering LDL. Once again, Niacin exhibits side effects including itching and flushing. This