Essay Choose Your Cancer Wisely

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Anna Ryan
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Sherman Sutherland
November 4, 2010 Choose Your Cancer Wisely Often when someone thinks of alcohol, the first thing that comes to there their mind isn’t that it could be benificial to their health. More often than not, it is thought of as the complete opositeopposite. A recent study appeared in The Post of Athens; it states that conusuming Anheuser-Busch Natural Light over a long term period reduces the likelyhood likelihood of prostate cancer in men. Even if the study is true, there are things that the researchers need to take into consideration before jumping to this conclusion. The study was taken from 552 men from Nelsonville, Ohio over a ten-year period. The study states, that “Of these men, those who drank more than ten twelve-ounce cans of Natural Light each day had a seventy percent lower risk of prostate cancer than those who drank no Natural Light. These results suggest that health-conscious people should consume at least 120 ounces of beer each day, beginning on their twenty-first birthday.” After reading the information given from the study, there are questions that have to be answered before you can even begin to see the study as reliable information. First off, who are the researchers doing the study and how did they go about chosing these men? What are the mens age ranges and what kind of lifestyle do they live? Did the researchers take into consideration the family history of these men and are they already at a high risk for prostate cancer? One has to wonder how well were these men were monitored, and if they weren’t how do they know whether or not these men actually consumed close to a twelve pack a day? Would the study have the same effect with a different type of beer being consumed? Or would it have the same effect if you consumed more or less alcohol daily? Say if you start later on in life drinking the amount this study calls for will it have an effect on the end result? Lastly, what or who defines a health conscious person? Crucial information has been left out this study. If the researchers stated their credibility the reader would be less likely to question whether or not the information is reliable. Adding how the men were selected will also strengthen the reliability of their study. Any man can get prostate cancer,.…