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Choose a Cellphone My iphone4’s battery was broken last Saturday so that I have to buy a new phone, but it is difficult to choose a cellphone from varies types of phones. However, after asking for my friends and search on internet, I decide to make a choice between iphone4s and Sony LT26i which are both the advanced phones now. Finally, it was only after I analyzed the similarities and differences between the two phones that I have a profound conviction that Sony LT26I is my best option. For one thing, iphone4s and Sony LT26i have a lot in common. First of all, they are smart phones, which is an important factor for me to choose a phone. Second, the size of the two phones almost the same. Iphone4s is 115*58*9.3mm while LT26i is 128*64*10.6mm. Third, they both have black and white colors. In addition, they are both touch screen phones and they weight 144 grams. For another thing, when I looked at their differences, I made up my mind to choose Sony LT 26i. The first important factor is the price. The 32 GB iphone4s cost $750, but the 32 GB Sony LT26i only need $600. Second, the screen of LT26i which is considered to be the best screen in nowadays is better than the screen of iphone4s. The LT26i’s screen is 4.3 inches with 1280*720 pixels; in contrast, the iphone4s’ screen is 3.5 inches with 960*640 pixels. Third, Sony LT26i uses Android OS 2.3 system with the RAM 1GB, while iphone4s uses IOS 5.0 with the RAM 0.5GB which means LT26i is faster than iphone4s. Next,…