Choosing A Career As A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

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Choosing the career that best fits your wants and needs can be a difficult and confusing decision that one can make. “Follow your passion” may be something you hear often when looking for a career. But if you don’t know what your passion is, don’t be hard on yourself for it. Seek you passion then emotionally and physically. After you have searched and searched for that perfect career, the time will come where you must decide if you will put all your effort into pursing that dream job. The human body is a phenomenal complex machine, one that still amazes and questions our doctors and researchers of today, regardless of the past several years of research. That is why I have chosen to pursue a career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). For this particular career, you will learn about the education required to achieve this goal. Also, you will be able to picture a day in a life of a CRNA’s activities and daily routines. Though it may seem like a heavy load the first few years in school I know that it will pay off in the future. Getting the chance to work with a surgical team in helping build a better “complex machine”, the human body, will be a life changing experience for anyone interested in the medical field.
Since I was seven years old, I knew I wanted to grow up and become a dentist. I was so excited and set on this plan, that I thought nothing could change my mind. I even began practicing on my own brothers by yanking out their teeth. It was not till two years ago, I began watching a TV series called Grey’s Anatomy, which planted a seed of interest in the surgical field, which soon grew into a tree of obsession. My obsession then drove me towards the works of an anesthetist a member of the surgical team for I knew I could never withhold the hardships of being a surgeon. I then approached my dad with the idea of becoming a CRNA and together we researched and familiarized ourselves about this career. The idea of becoming a dentist slowly faded like clouds after a thunderstorm, while the idea of becoming an anesthetist shined past those fading clouds. Since then, I have been preparing for the long and challenging journey. To pursue this career as a nurse anesthetist will require my complete commitment and focus to achieve that goal.
Education is important for a successful career in any industry, in this case being the health care industry. According to Mrs. Guzman, former CRNA, she began her career by working on her Bachelor of Science right after high school at UTPA; she worked extremely hard for years just to finish her basics. After her four years of study, she began working at McAllen General Hospital as a registered nurse (RN) in the ICU unit for two required years. She then went to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to gain her Masters in Anesthesiology which took her another two years to complete. During these years Mrs. Guzman struggled on going back to school routine and focusing on the new material. The tough years though did not stop her from succeeding; she willingly drenched herself in her work beyond her own capacity to place herself at the top. She even had her dream job tattooed in her brain so she would be reminded everyday that all of this hard work, would then end in sweet victory (Guzman). If you are committed and have the same drive that Mrs. Guzman had, you too will have your own sweet