Choosing Of Mice and Men Essay

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Choosing a novel to write about is somewhat hard for some. There are many novels given to us to pick from, but they are usually all older novels. Myself, I don’t like reading older books and I don’t give them a chance. To be quite honest, these “literature classics” are actually really good books, and that is why most professors or teachers choose these novels for us to read and analyze. I chose Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men is an easy read, and Steinbeck does not sugar coat anything, which is probably the reason it is so controversial to read in schools. Although it is an easy read, Of Mice and Men contains complex ideas and themes not necessarily fit for people approximately younger than fifteen. Another reason I am so attached to this novel is because I remember reading it in high school. I had felt sorry for Lennie because at the time, I was still a teenager. Just like Lennie, I was misunderstood, so I could relate to how he felt. That is why I enjoy this novel because it is relatable in many aspects. “George killed Lennie not only to protect others, but to protect Lennie himself.” When I first read the book in high school, I had struggled to understand why George killed Lennie at the end of the novel when I first read it. Now that I have read the novel a good amount of times and I am older now, I finally have an idea as to why he did it. Throughout the novel, I noted that Lennie is always getting into trouble that George has to deal with and try to fix. If the problem cannot be fixed, George and Lennie have to leave Salina. Lennie accidentally kills his puppy dog and Curley’s