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Berny Lawrence
Opposing Sides
Ms. AdamsE
February 9, 2014 Choosing One Over Another
In life, people are faced with the dilemma of having to choose one side over the other.
A person must always pick one side over the other. According to modern day society, it is the only way to resolve any type of discussion or situation. If continued, one acts as a mediator between the two opposing arguments and this leads to endless rebuttling or until one realizes that the other is right and drops the quarrel.
A person has to explain why they are choosing the side they chose; whether biased or not. An example of this would be McDonald’s versus Burger King. One would argue that
Burger King is healthier in their food ingredients. However, the opposing side would say that
McDonald’s food tastes better. This would then lead into the everlasting argument of which fast food restaurant is better. This would go on until a third person comes into the argument and supports one side, which leads to the other side deciding they are right or they just drop the altercation.
A better example of this situation would be the trial in
To Kill A Mockingbird
, by Harper
Lee. Mayella Ewell, being a white woman, has the entire courtroom, including the jury, on her side because of her ethnicity. However, Tom Robinson, being an African­American, has only the black community and his lawyer on his side. Judge Taylor serves as the third unbiased person in this argument, so Mayella would represent the McDonald’s and Tom Robinson would represent the Burger King. This is the argument of which is better and this changes as soon as Judge Taylor makes his decision in supporting Mayella based off the evidence he

has heard, therefore Tom Robinson loses the argument.
Some people believe that one should not be forced to choose sides. If this happens, the one whose side did not get supported would feel hurt and attempt to be better, creating an endless struggle. Also, it