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Choreography Project Analytical Statement
Sara Lemke
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My dance was to the song La La by The Cab. It is a jazz dance and is fast and up beat. The song is about a guy who lies to this girl and tells her he loves her. However, the girl does not know he is a liar. The girl is happy and content while the boy casually laughs along as he is tricking her. One of the lyrics from the song is “what would you do if I told you that I la la la la love you, cause you know I la la la lie.” My inspiration for this dance came through the message of the song. From the girls perspective she is happy with her relationship that is where I got the motive for an upbeat dance. From the boy’s perspective, he is being very sneaky, I conveyed this sneakiness through a series of on the floor movements, that represent his suspicious actions. The tricks used in this dance include leaps such as side leaps, surprise leaps, and normal front leaps. The turns include regular turns and coupe' turns. There is a series of high kicks as well. I believed in my dancers that they could pull of such hard steps. They were already familiar with the moves, as we have practiced them in class before. I only chose tricks to use that I thought they could master. They succeeded and it made for a more advanced looking dance. I used different dynamics to make the dance look overall more interesting. Some of these included rolls on the floor at the same time as high motions in the air. I switched up the dance by going back and forth from floor work and regular standing motions. I used cannons as well, that would give the audience something different rather than a completely synchronized dance. I threw in a trick every now and then to keep the audience’s attention. I choreographed the dance to fit the