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Chapter 10

1)Identify what this is..20 pts A hostile work environment is one in which a fellow employer ( it may be someone above or below your level) makes it impossible to work effectively, because of repeated harassment, teasing, bullying.
2) Why it is so prevalent in the medical profession or in nursing?20 pts I was not able to find any definite reason, though there are many suggested causes. Strangely enough, most of the results I found through google, took me back to mostly healthcare fields when I search for “hostile workplace” and also when I search for “hostile workplace, healthcare”. This tells me it is perhaps more prevalent in healthcare than in other fields. Some of the suggested reasons were:
1. workplace stress
2. aggression rolling down the chain of command
3. and last but not least, the one I personally found most interesting, “Nurses eat their young” Basically saying there are 4 generations of nurses. Veterans ( those who started practice before 1940) Babyboomers ( 1941-1964 ) Gen X ( 1960-1981 ) and Gen Y (1981 till current). They go on to say that nurses of each generation have their own beliefs, experiences, values, and norms, which can cause discord, when those areas clash.
3)When will we as new grads encounter this and why?20 pts I would say possibly immediately, as they know we are the fresh out of school and inexperienced. And if we are coming into a new facility, rather than one we may have worked in as a CNA or LPN, the potential is…