Essay on Chrime and Punishment

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Capital punishment has been around for thousands of years; some countries over the years chose to abolish it. What is also still around now. Also over years it has been becoming more humane instead of having slow painful deaths it is now quicker in some cases. It has been abolished in England in the 1960’s/1990’s. the last person who faced capital punishment was Michel Barrett he blew up clearknwell in London.

Before the person is faced with death
Before the person is taken to the executioner the night before they will have a nice dinner and be treated niceish but because they’re nervous before there killed they don’t tend to eat much therefore butterflies. Capital punishment still goes on today so you can’t say who the last person was but if a country abolish it anyone who has or ready been sentenced to death still die, so if there is 11 men still there they would still die anyone still on death row. The last person who had faced capital punishment in England was Mr Michel Barrett who was sentenced to death because he blew up a building in London and killed a lot of people.

Hanging is mainly considered a quick and painless death but the executer has to get his calculations correct otherwise if the neck doesn’t break then it is a slow and painful death and the executer isn’t allowed to do it again because it would probably be distressing to the family and anyone else watching.
They used to hang people by tying a rope around the persons neck then there standing on a block, chair or stage then the executer would kick the chair from under the person or pull a lever which opened some trap doors which they would drop through then snap there neck like a match stick therefore kill them.
Hanging was a popular way to execute people because it was quick and easy and mainly painless for the person evolved but crimes that people had committed the crime where like killing people terrorist plots or stealing things like flowers or perverting the court of justice.

Do they still use capital punishment in the UK still?

In the UK they have completely abolished all kinds of capital punishment it has been gone for a while now but is that a good thing? Do the people who commit crimes learn from their wrongs because they did defiantly did then because they would have had their head severed off is they had reoffended.
There is over 40 countries that still use capital punishment to deal with crimes like murder etc. like America they have a lot of gun crime because the majority of people in the states have guns some just show it off but some people have it for protection. There is about 30%of countries still use capital punishment where as the