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Chris Andrew Morin
Professor Mack
Government 2306
DWT: Driving While Texting Driving down various streets and freeways I come across a lot of other drivers using their cell phone. Some may wonder if the drivers using their cellphones are aware of the danger they have now become. This issue has been a new rising issue since the introduction of cellphones. There have been many accidents and deaths regarding cell phone use while driving. I want to discuss the laws regarding cell phone use while driving and decide if they are constitutional. Aside from deciding if the laws are constitutional, I will elaborate on the laws set forth on cell phone usage while driving and the benefits it promises. I believe laws to limit cell phone use while driving are constitutional due to the fact that lives are at risk besides the driver using the cellphone. The same risk surely doubles while driving in a school zone. Being a factor leading to accidents while using a cellphone, one’s attention is not dedicated to the road in front and all around them. Laws that are set in place to limit or eliminate cell phone use will work for the most part, be it that law enforcement really enforces the laws set forth. There is a group a people that some may label as “stubborn”, and those are the individuals that will continue usage even after the laws have been put in place. Now in all honesty I must admit that I do use my cellphone in my car, just not while it is in motion. I mainly use my cell phone if I am at a red light or stop sign. One area I am sure to be extremely cautious in are school zones. Even If I were to pull up at a stop sign in a school zone, I still choose not to even pick up my cell phone. Reason being why I exercise such extreme caution in school zone areas is that local law enforcement have authority to issue fines up to two hundred and fifty dollars. This kind of enforcement has helped tone down my cell phone usage while driving.
Cell phone usage bans while driving are beneficial for not only for safety of innocent bystanders and the users themselves, but for the long lasting example we set for our children. If children notice that respected adults are not using cell phones while driving, they will surely following in their footsteps. So setting examples can surely promise a reduction in