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Chris Livingston
Mr. Redmond
English 4
17 February 2015
Personal Narrative Essay
In my life I’ve had a lot of family and friends pass away from different causes, some died of old age, some died due to shootings and other situations of that stature. Having a couple of deaths in the family during a young age can really affect a child. Whatever the child has seen in his/her early childhood life, will always stay with him/her for the rest of their lives. It has a lot of effect on the brain. If the child is brought up in a house where there is a lot of violence, the child will most definitely carry that same attitude to his/her life when they grow up. I was brought up in a family where I had to experience a lot of deaths in the family and of loved ones. Those deaths occurred during my childhood, so my brain will always remember that. That death really made me realize how important my whole family is to me. When a death occurs in any household, at that time special attention is always needed when a death occurs.
When my aunt Ozeal died it broke me down, my mom told me when I came home from my cousin’s house. I cried for two days straight nonstop. I didn’t even want to go to the funeral because I couldn’t stand to look at a person that took care of me since I was an infant, lying dead in a casket getting ready to be put in the ground. That doesn’t sit too well in my stomach I can’t deal with death too well strictly because of my anger, but every day I work to improve my issue because it will hurt me before it helps cope with the pain of deaths. I had three friends pass away in a short time period and I felt the effect of every one of their deaths. Though no one don't like to accept death, we all know that one day it's going to come and we will not be able to get away from it either. Death is a type of thing that doesn't care if a person is young, or old. There is no definite time when a person will die. This is the worst part of life, but we, as humans have to accept the fact that it's going to come after everyone. No one is prepared for death or another’s death simply because it hurts at that moment. Saying that one is physically and mentally ready for death is a huge lie. Whether it is because we don’t know the exact tim or just don’t want to face death it will happen but we must have some