Chris Mccandless Argument Essay

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Imagine gathering everything you ever have had, and ever will have and throw it all away. Not only doing away with your material possessions such as your money, and belongings, but also throwing away your future, leaving your family, and leaving everything you have and ever will have. Although Chris McCandless thought what he was doing was right...Jon Krakauer incorporated arrogance, innocence, and ignorance by telling the life story of McCandless and his adventures. First, author of Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer, incorporates arrogance in this book pretty clearly. Chris Mccandless grew up in the wealthy Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. He was a very gifted athlete and scholar, with a bright future ahead of him. After graduating high school, …show more content…
This idea or concept may even stick out to the reader the most throughout the course of the book. After two years of hitchhiking around, Chris was inspired by the writings of Jack London. He decided for his final journey to go to Alaska, where he would truly be alone and live amongst the wilderness. He wanted to be pushed to the extreme and prove to himself that he could do it alone. For months, he was indeed pushed to the extreme and proved he could do it all on his own, before he died of starvation. Chris wanted a simple, harmless, naive, and free life away from everyone and everything. He wanted to be alone, and live amongst the wild. He didn’t want to cause any problems and didn’t want to disturb any quiet waters. He wanted to quietly get away as Krakauer showed when he said, “This is the last you shall hear from me Wayne…If this adventure proves fatal and you don’t ever hear from me again I want you to know you’re a great man. I now walk into the wild.” He wanted to be left alone, tested, and tried. Lastly, the author incorporated ignorance in the book by not necessarily showing that McCandless had a lack of knowledge, but instead his knowledge was different than most people’s. His way of thinking was different than how most people think. Chris knew