Chris Mccandless Character Analysis Into The Wild

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“Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, is a very noteworthy story of a young man, Christopher
McCandless, who journeys alone into the wilderness. This story is quite indigenous and the main character is full of contradictions. It is difficult to understand his purpose that influenced his decision to disclaim the civilized world and headed into the wilderness where he ended up not being able to survive.
Chris McCandless ditches his car and gives away his trust fund, he hitchhikes and eventually steps off the road into the Alaskan wilderness carrying only what will fit in his backpack. In doing so, he joined a small but committed group of individuals who in some way reject the ideals and lifestyle of modern society. Chris travels in search to find
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He went all that way to discover that something is only really worth experiencing if you can share it with one another.
Chris is quite different from many other people that live around him. He does not share the traditional values of the modern society, he does not want to make some career, achieve
public approval, or be an ordinary successful person. In fact, the materialized world is not really interesting to him. He lives in the word of his dreams, which rather look like dreams of a boy who wants to get some new feelings and emotions through adventuring. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. He was dying of starvation, he left an SOS note asking for help but it was far too late. Chris went into the wild looking for answers, but ended up dying because of lack of preparation, lack of supplies, and lack of common sense. The answer he got was a simple one; nature will kill you if you're not prepared.
The great Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian nationalist leader, most famous for his struggle for Indian independence from the United Kingdom, which had taken control of the country during the 1700s, relates to the main character of Into the Wild, Chris McCandless, because
Gandhi was trying to help himself and others, while chris was trying to help