Chris Mccandless Journey In Into The Wild

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In Sean Penn’s “Into the Wild”, Chris started off by going and ditching his car and burning his money. He was doing something unheard of even by other people that tramped. He lost all contact with everyone he knew before, but he met fashionable people. People that took him on his own adventure instead of being poisoned by what we call a society today. He had a tough journey, but it showed him how life was outside of the rich life.

The first chapter of Chris McCandless’s life takes a turn in the worst direction. After he graduated from a great college and he obtained his bachelor's degree, he had lunch with his parents and sister and this would basically be the last time they saw him or had contact with him. The problem about Chris is that he wanted to live off of nothing, but the clothes on
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This is when it comes to a dead drop in his life. Chris, now starving and doesn’t have sufficient knowledge to kill an animal and skin it, but he tries it anyways and the meat became infested with larvae and flies so it was too late. He spent 113 days in Alaska on that bus, but he was starving to death and inevitably he didn’t acknowledge much about the wilderness and was “stuck” out there and perished. Alaska is a cold and harsh place and is not for a character like Chris to escape on a pipe dream that he can live off the wild by himself and it won't fire back on him at all. Just how he misread the berries he read that made him throw up. Nature will not be nice at all, although Nature tricked Chris he thought it was a different type of berry. Chris McCandless had a rough life i’ll give him that, but running in the wild trying to escape thinking he knew everything he needed was selfish. He basically committed suicide. There is nothing stopping him from getting more experience in survival. Going in with the mindset he had was honestly just horrible, he had many people who cared about him and he did this selfish