Chris Mccandless Life In The Wild Analysis

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Chris McCandless searching for meaning and purpose is very different than a young adult who is starting their life. When a young adult graduates college the first thing in their head is where they are going to apply to get a job and put their diploma to use. They think about how they are going to pay their bills and live their life. Chris did not care about any of that, all he wanted was to be alone, just him in the wild and not having to rely on anything or anyone. He even changed his name to Alex Supertramp, he was a complete different person once he left for his adventure. Chris did not want his money, nor his car. McCandless did not care about what happened with all his relationships he had built. He left his family and friends and never wrote to them or even gave them a phone call to let them know he was okay. Relationships is something everyone needs, especially as a young adult where there are many challenges rising up going into the real world. A young adult relies on their family to have their back if something ever goes wrong in their life. The purpose of life can be different for anyone, for Chris it was being left alone, not having to follow society and to live off the land. Most of the world is to get a job, have a family, make a lot of money and be happy. Happiness is different for everybody, not many people would do what Chris did. He …show more content…
Chris McCandless live at the fullest. Chasing his dream of going to Alaska led him to have many amazing adventures and meet amazing people. Chris went into the wild to find happiness and he did, he was happy having to hunt and work to keep his life. Chris was the opposite of a normal young adult, he lived life to the fullest until his death came. Any other person would have gone to get a job and find their purpose in society. Chris Mccandless is one of a kind and there will never be anyone else with the determination to find his purpose as