Chris Mccandless Personality

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Boris Pasternak once said “There are two basic ideals of a modern man...the idea for free personality and the idea of life as sacrifice”. Christopher McCandless, also known as Alexander
Supertramp, wasn’t as crazy as everyone thought he was and his journey to Alaska clearly proved that, but he did seem incompetent and careless about his future.
Christopher McCandless had an immense heart set for one dream for himself that no one could change and it was clearly demonstrated for everyone to catch a glimpse of who he actually was. For instance, Mrs. Westerberg once said that “There was something fascinating about him[Chris]” (67). It was quite simple knowing that Chris had left an impression towards the people he met on his adventure. Even though
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Chris’ personality and characteristics proved to society that he was likable and worth getting to know. Chris was more than just a man traveling to Alaska, but someone who wanted to socialize with people who understood exactly what kind of person he was. According to Krakauer, “Chris’ personality was puzzling in its complexity” (115). Even though it’s hard to define who Chris was, his specific traits of being gregarious still shine brightly in his personality.
Christopher McCandless is a man of many personalities, but he’s a man with one dream to fulfill.
Similar to every child, not everyone has a perfect family that they get along with. Chris believed that his parents behavior were disrespectful and irrational by stating “I’m going to divorce them as my parent once and for all…” (64). Chris was trying to find the solution to his unsatisfied childhood and discover where peace and serenity lay. McCandless wanted to change those that brought him negativity so that he could finally be content living his life. Secondly, the author clearly saw Chris’ conflict by stating that “...the boy could not pardon the mistakes his father had made as a young man” (122). It was clear that Chris didn’t want to have the burden