Chris Mccandless Research Paper

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Chris McCandless and his sister, Carine McCandless, went through a childhood that held a lot of negligence and abuse. They both saw how their mother was physically and psychologically abused. If they ever did anything “wrong”, in the eyes of their father, they would feel the same abuse as their mother did, by the one person that was supposed to love them and protect them, their father. Child abuse at an early childhood can lead to many, not only physically but psychological, problems. Many of the actions of some adults are due to the abuse that they went through in their childhood. Some could say that Chris McCandless, due to his abuse as a child, made “wild” decisions in his young adulthood. Numerous people may say that children who witness domestic violence do not have any type of trauma. But research has found that children exposed to domestic violence are at an increased risk for emotional and behavioral problems, including anxiety, depression and academic problems. (Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect) Even though Chris didn’t have academic problems during his time …show more content…
Most of the abuse that Chris went through in his infancy was mental abuse. When Chris was young his mother told him that she had to go through the torment of domestic violence because she got pregnant from Chris. Chris was just three years old when he was told this and at that young of age he was full of guilt. He blamed himself for having put his mother, and sister, through all that torment and violence. The psychological abuse that children go through can lead to mental health problems like anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping. (Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect) Due to his mother telling Chris that she was tied down, to live the horridness life she lived, by him being born could have lead Chris to have had depression at the age of three years