Chris Mccandless Transcendentalism Essay

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Christopher J. McCandless was a college graduate, he was also a passionate follower of the ideas of “transcendentalism.” Christopher’s story was made into a movie ‘into the wild’ directed by Sean Penn, his story was also a topic in the article “Death of an innocent.” The movie and the article both show the many characteristics of Chris’s personality. He is a “totally honest-what you’d call extremely ethical.” (Krakauer 3) young man who admires nature deeply, this are all traits a usual “transcendentalist” share. However, Chris has unfortunately met his end during his “Search for transcendent knowledge.”

Chris’s early life started pretty rough, he had an abusive father and a mother Chris hated because he didn’t like how she does nothing to stop his father’s beatings. Chris McCandless has never given up because he was a very strong follower of his dreams. Chris McCandless always loved nature and the wild, and studied the ideology of “Transcendentalism” Chris decided that he should follow this ideology. Chris’s main destination for this dream is to go on to the wilderness of Alaska. He met many people who
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Chris had a dream, he never gave up on following that dream while many people arguably would give up on following their own personal dreams while halfway reaching them. However, Chris did, in a way reached his dream however, the price he paid for is his own life. People should reach their dreams they would be really, really happy that they did. But people also have to think about the process of reaching or even keeping that dream. What many people should do that I feel Chris McCandless failed to do was look at the consequences of reaching their dreams, what effect will it have on their love ones or even their own personal happiness as a whole. The only question I really have for people with big dreams is, do you really want to reach that so badly, to even effect your own family or