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Chris Sprague
November 21, 2013
English 101
Mr. Morgan

The right and wrong way to bulking
Like everything there is a right and wrong way to bulk. Some people believe that if they just eat everything it will increase their muscle mass. This isn't correct. Bulking "clean" should be the goal during a bulking phase. Bulking clean means to increase your calorie intake but not from fatty junk foods. You increase your quality high protein food intake. You still eat your proper food, just more of it.
On a bulking diet I eat a high calorie breakfast consisting of eggs, milk, oatmeal, and sometimes a protein shake. I eat a pre-workout meal, and a very high calorie post-workout shake. This ensures maximum energy for working out, and maximum recovery after a workout, which will aid in gaining weight. My post workout shake currently consists of protein powder mixed in skim milk with dextrose sugar added. This offers me 50g of protein and 75g of carbs. Some people also recommend a meal right before bed to ensure the muscles do not starve overnight. This is quite different than during a cutting phase when it is not recommended that a person eat for a few hours before bed.
I do believe that it is important to eat before bed during a bulking phase however. Just make sure it is a high protein, low/moderate fat, low carb meal. Whey protein is not ideal here as it is quick absorbing by the body and you would want something that could last you the night. Slow absorbing protein such as milk or cheese might be a better idea here. You could then consume your whey protein shake with breakfast for an extra protein boost.
1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is required as a minimum amount of protein to eat in a day for any bodybuilder. During a bulking phase make sure