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Some people believed that Woodrow Wilson’s idea of politics and administration dichotomy was impossible. I believe that it has its advantages and disadvantages as any other idea may but I also believe it is very practical if people would look at it in his shade of light. Woodrow Wilson suggested the existence of main difference between politics and administration. It was this difference that became known as the politics-administration dichotomy.
The theory has proven to be very effective in the United States. It began changing from a agricultural society to an industrial nation. With the changes in the United States there were more requirements and a decent response from the citizens for more public administrations functions and programs to be established. Public administration changed in the United States after WWI, as the population increased so did the need for public works, public health, and public safety. Public administration as an action was increasing during this time and still is today for example the Minnowbrook Conference of 1968 academic students would argue for new ideas to be implemented when building a new public administration. They wanted one built on mutual trust and love of mankind and showed opposition to the traditional ways public administration worked. In years to come after many war years public administration changes its methods of investigation also. Till the end of the World War II, the development of the science of public administration was confined to the U S A and Europe and most of the scholars and practitioners in the field studied the administrative systems of the USA or Europe and arrived at generalizations which they tried to apply to in all countries which would be beneficial if they did because it gives everyone a greater variety of methods to do things using less resources.
The United States is the melting pot of the world. Wilson's idea of being able to take pieces of other countries policies and break them down to what the United States can use within their administration is a great way to see what has worked and what hasn't in other countries. By looking into the other countries administration structures and studying how the countries have dealt with those rules and policies, you can see what may benefit our country to the best of its abilities.
There are several disadvantages to Wilson’s idea of dichotomy. Some countries are strict and believe that their way worked perfectly without Wilson’s idea, this was a disadvantage to Wilson because it created negative controversy and chaos. Governments are now in the lead in administrative practice which had rulers still enlightened when those modern days of political illumination came in which it was made evident to all but the blind that governors are properly only the servants of the governed. In such governments administration has been organized to sub serve the general weal with the simplicity and effectiveness only to the undertakings of a single will. For example Prussia they