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Type of Discovery
When does it happen?
Self Discovery
While Piscine is talking to the reporter, he discovers that as a child, he should not have been ashamed or upset about his name…. As his name is an essential part of Pi, it further shows how Pi was ashamed to reveal his true identity however tries to find ……
The narrative is told from the perspective of the adult Piscine. This suggests that Pi reflects on his own emotions when he was young.
Audiences discovery:
Consider Pi= 3.14……
The Greek symbol pi, is a never ending number. This represents Piscines never ending growth and development which further enhances Piscine as an individual as he further discovers S.P.I.C.E about himself. (growth in Pi’s journey and self discovery)
The re-occuring motif of the symbol pi plus the flashbacks of Pi as a child being bullied at school.
Spiritual discovery
Pi discovers Chrisitianity. Is it a coincidence that his brother dares him to run into the church and drink holy water? And then he meets Christ ? Pi’s father has been one of the major reasons that Pi has been discovering new religions. However in believing all 3 religions which contradict themselves in beliefs and morals make Pi really believe in nothing. Pi’s father was a major influence einto Pi loosing faith in all religions.
- “Don’t let these stories and pretty lights fool you”.

Just as 9/11 impacted the world, so is this text open for a wide audience. While it is easy to genrealise the losses of…