Statement Of Purpose

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I come from Hami City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the beautiful northwestern border of China. As my parents were both occupied by their work, it was largely through my own efforts that I became a positive, independent, helpful and self-confident boy. This early experience ingrained in me the spirit of independence and perseverance. I developed good study habits as well as skills to grow up with. Alone I was, I managed to keep my competitive power through key schools known for their rigorous teaching tradition and inspiring atmosphere. Being the Subject Representative for Chemistry, I actively participated in various school activities and brought home many an honour especially from mathematical competitions. As I grew up and enhanced my sense of responsibility, I studied harder and got enrolled at the elite class in high school on recommendation, ranking No.4 of Xinjiang. During the high school years, I found my interest was kindled in economics and finance. I came to pay close attention to financial news and the analysis and advocations over stocks and real estates in particular. Therefore, it was only natural that I choose to apply Tianjin University of Finance and Economics upon graduation from high school. Although missing the opportunity to study finance by sheer chance, I never gave up my dream to focus on this subject but been positively looking for an opportunity to realise it. Studying abroad to me, is always a marvellous chance to make a difference and it is after discreet consideration that I regard now the perfect timing to do so when I learnt about all the advantages of education in the UK.