Christ And The Disciples At Emmaus Essay

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For someone like myself who has never had much interest in art, even I was awe-struck at the picture “Christ and the Disciples at Emmaus” in the Carnegie Museum of Art. In the painting, Jesus is depicted sitting at a table with his disciples. Taking up most of the wall, the enormous portrait almost did not seem real with virtually another worldly glow coming from Christ. The vibrant colors and realism of the work made it a sight your eyes could not miss, and it had me glued to the spot for at least ten minutes. In the silence of the museum, I pondered my religion and how it has changed in the modern world with new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs. Despite the experience I had with it in the museum, when looking at the picture on my phone, it did not capture me in the same way at all. Blurry and scaled down to two inches wide, “Christ and the Disciples at Emmaus” was reduced to just a normal work that failed to capture my mind in the same way. There was something about viewing it in a museum, where they revere the art like it is the work of a god, that makes you appreciate it so much more. In the silence there looking upon the magnificence of the painting, you could explore your inner self and have new revelations that you would never have expected. You would never find an experience like that in your dorm room, with all the noises and distractions going on. Without seeing the original in the atmosphere of the museum, I don’t think I would have held it in such…